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The full range of Safe Riding safety stirrups at Spoga Horse 2022

Olgiate Olona, June 30th 2022 - Safe Riding, a brand owned exclusively by Tenuta Montemagno Horses, will be present at the Spoga Horse international fair to be held in Cologne (DE) from 23 to 25 July 2022. On the Safe Riding stand (HALL 7.1, stand M070), it will be possible to see the entire range of stirrups that have now become the reference standard for riders of all ages in terms of safety, comfort and elegance.

"In recent years we have expanded the range of our offer by adding the S-Light and S-Mini to the S1 and S2 stirrups which, due to their lightness and size, allow us to offer the advantages of our products to riders of all young people. . " - says Vanessa Barea, General Manager Safe Riding. "Four different products, made to offer total safety, comfort and elegance to riders of all ages".


“Safety first of all” is the slogan that has always characterized the Italian brand and that well summarizes the sensitivity towards the issue of safety for anyone who practices equestrian sports. All the Safe Riding stirrups, in fact, from the progenitor S1, passing through the S2, to the more recent S-Light and S-Mini, have one feature in common: the 90 ° tilting arch in all directions. Technical tests carried out in the design, development and certification stages have shown that it is enough to apply a minimum traction force on the center line of the toe, so that the arch opens completely, thus freeing the boot. Safe Riding are the only stirrups on the market that are 100% safe, designed in the name of total and certified safety.


The Safe Riding stirrups have also been designed to ensure comfort during riding. The S1 and S2 models are equipped with a shock-absorbing and tilting platform, which is therefore able to absorb shocks, and a special gripping system with lateral sliding washers, which helps the rider to find the best position for the boot during the ride. The S-Light stirrup, on the other hand, has a platform characterized by a fixed grater gripping; another element that allows you to maintain the lightness of the product without compromising comfort during exercise.


The S1 stirrup is available in two different colors, GunMetal Gray and Choco Brown, with a powder-coated finish. The S2 is available in three colors with a chrome finish, to ensure greater resistance to use: Silver Chrome, Satin Copper and Santorini Black.

For both S1 and S2 models, there is a range of interchangeable covers (covers), to be applied on the mobile arch, which allow you to better express the personality of the rider or, as in the case of the flag series, represent the country of origin. Four aesthetic lines, to obtain infinite possibilities of shades: Contemporary, to play with colors; Premium, when you want to take care of every little detail; Luxury, to express a unique style; Flags, to represent yourself and your country.

S-light is produced in six anodized colors (Jet Black, Mocha Brown, Sunset Gold, Cloudy Silver, Slate Blue and Flamingo Pink), to respond in a minimal but effective way to the aesthetic needs of Amazons and riders.

S-Mini is available in four different anodized colors: Blue Lagoon, Green Forest, Red Berry and Picasso Lily.


The four products will be exhibited in the Safe Riding stand in Cologne. They differ from each other in the material from which they are made. The S1 bracket has a structure made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, which gives it weight and stability. The structure of the S2, a bracket similar to the S1 but smaller (designed for a predominantly female audience), is instead in Ergal aluminum, which makes it lighter than the S1 and very resistant. S-Light and S-Mini, the baby girls of 2021, are made of Anticorodal aluminum, a material that makes them extremely light (less than 500 gr. Of weight) and particularly resistant to corrosion.

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